Articulate Rise: How to Write a Professional Email

The Challenge

Design and develop a virtual course for job candidates to better improve professional email writing.

The Role

instructional designer & developer.

The Discovery

reports of unprofessional and hard-to-understand emails were rampant in a staffing agency. Communication between candidates and potential employers is crucial in order to ensure success of the candidate; however, the rise of rejection in low-income, marginalized candidates revealed a lack of email etiquette. The areas that proved challenging included: emails had too many details, run-on sentences, big paragraphs, and a hostile tone.

Client Need

My client faced challenges with the etiquette portion of the current training and found that content on writing professional emails was non-existent.

The client needed help in designing a short course that would inspire candidates to improve writing in a professional setting. The client also wanted a way to provide consistent support to the candidates outside of the assistance of the agency.

The Learning Solution

I wanted to address etiquette of professional emails by focusing on creating one virtual training course with multiple e-learning modules that had the following goals:

  • Develop a virtual course that focused on real-life and relatable scenarios.

  • Provide a detailed job aid that would ensure support outside of the course.

  • Create trackable activities that provide feedback on the course content.

  • Design and develop asynchronous learning through Articulate Rise, a user friendly LMS.

*You will be directed to the course via Articulate Rise*