Articulate Storyline: Onboarding

The Challenge

Design and develop an engaging and interactive mini course for onboarding new employees.

The Role

instructional designer & developer.

The Client

retail company.

The Discovery

recently onboarded employees completed a feedback survey which revealed that the current onboarding was not engaging nor informative. Employees either felt that they did not receive enough information to succeed at their job or felt otherwise: that the onboarding was too elementary.

The Responsibilities

create a highly engaging and interactive mini course on Articulate Storyline that focused on personalizing content based on skill level.

The Learning Solution

  • Develop an engaging mini course that focused on employee skill level.

  • Contextualize learning objectives through branching scenarios.

  • Create trackable activities that provide feedback on the course content.

  • Personalize the mini course based on self-assessment and skill check results.

*You will be directed to the course via Articulate Storyline*